Recolour your lounge for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Ever seen a red cow?  Of course not, but many people don't realize that all leather is coloured.  Many people also don't realise that their leather lounge, car seat or any leather item can be recoloured.  Why would you recolour your leather?  Well, if it's faded, stained, the colour is dated or you simply need a change, a Leather Doctor recolour is almost like having new leather.  For a fraction of the cost we can give you amazing and permanent results, guaranteed. And the colourful possibilities?  Well… your imagination is the only limitation.  When cared for properly our recolouring process will actually extend the life of your leather for years and all our recolouring work comes with a full 12-month warranty. 

Turn old and drab into modern and bright.
The owner of this old lounge though it was time for the tip. We transformed it into the pride of her lounge room.
Leather lounge before recolouring to red
The end results added years of life
Stains that won't shift on leather jackets
Leather chair recoloured to black
Leather car seats restored to new
Leather lounge recoloured to brown
Leather lounge recoloured to red
Austin Powers inspired custom recolour
Even your favourite sporting colours and logos can be part of your leather
Antique leather finishes are no problem